Resident Green Thumbs Hit The Gardens

Ballarat Aged Care Eureka Village residents love getting their hands dirty when it comes to caring for the beautiful village gardens.

From planting seedlings and flowers to maintaining the veggie patch and turning its spoils into delicious food, everyone at Eureka Village is encouraged to get involved in the year-round garden program.

Manager, Sherin Jones, said some of the residents had been garden enthusiasts before moving to Eureka Village and take the initiative to care for the garden as they did in their own homes.

“We love seeing the residents out and about in the gardens, and the year-round program ensures there is always something to do,” she said.

“We have our regulars as well as people who come along and help every now and then. We water every morning and afternoon, plant seedlings for plants and veggies for each season, and the residents love working with the lifestyle staff to turn their produce into things like soups and pickles in the village kitchen. They are involved in the whole lifecycle of the food – from planting to plate!” she said.

Eureka Village has a dementia specific unit and the residents love getting out into the secure garden area to help plant, grow and pick. Not only is it a fun sensory activity for them to be involved in, but it is fantastic in assisting with their mobility and socialisation.

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