Preventing elder abuse in our communities

June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Ballarat Aged Care’s Clinical Director, and industry leader in the understanding and prevention of elder abuse, Professor Joseph Ibrahim, encourages people to use the day to gain a better understanding of this serious issue. 

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Fighting the Flu

In 2017, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services received over 48,200 cases of reported influenza across the state, with Ballarat health workers recalling it as one of the most significant flu seasons in memory.

Older people are among the most vulnerable during flu season, so preparations are underway at Ballarat Aged Care to give its residents the best chance of avoiding the virus and minimising its severity.

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On for Young and Old!

Child’s play brings joy to Ballarat Aged Care residents

We have all heard the saying ‘act your age,’ and may have even had it said to us once or twice, but where is the fun in that? Sometimes all we really need to do is reconnect to the things we loved as children, when we were carefree without responsibilities, when the simplest things brought us the most joy, and when life revolved around play.

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